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Your Social Media Game Plan for 2015

The New Year is here and if you’re like many, you’ve already laid out several New Year’s resolutions. While they may not be practical for everyone, resolutions can really help not only bring focus but revisiting them each month can help you stay productive and actually achieve those goals that you’ve listed. If you’re against the whole notion of resolutions, what about game plans for your social media activity in 2015. Have you thought about it yet? You should! Whether it’s learning more about Instagram, finally launching a YouTube video or putting up your first Facebook ad, setting a list of goals and actions can really help you and your business this year. We’ve got some suggestions on how you can map out your social media game plan this year. And as always, if you’d rather we be the ones to do the work, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  • Make monthly goals for each social media channel.
  • Discover a new social media channel.
  • Are you hooked on getting followers and subscribers? Try directly communicating with people. You may come across a potential client or make a new friend in the process.
  • Create an editorial calendar. This will help you stay organized each and every day.
  • Think about hosting giveaways. This will not only help bring in new clients and fans, but you’ll get the opportunity to show those who have supported you how much you appreciate them.
  • Develop partnerships. Know of someone that you’d might like to work with? Think about hosting a Twitter chat or a Google Hangout.
  • Design those Twitter backgrounds and Facebook headers. Do something different that is also eye catching and works nicely with your brand image.

Do you have any of these ideas on your game plan!