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Why Businesses Should Forget About Dumping Facebook

Over the past few years Facebook has made some serious changes. In the eyes of many businesses, bloggers, markers and brands, these changes have mostly been negative. Despite how you may feel about Facebook, one things is for sure…you should keep using it. Though the algorithm changes time and time again, a presence on Facebook isn’t only recommended, but it is almost essential in growing your business.

As the #1 social media site in the world, Facebook has its issues but one thing that it does have over other social media sites are eyes. Facebook captures more peoples’ attention and for longer than Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Facebook’s ability to provide easy-to-use mobile apps means that any given moment, browsing can happen quickly and easily. These are things that we all know but it’s hard to keep those thoughts in mind when your Facebook fan page has over 15,000 followers yet your posts only catch the eyes of about 100 (if that) fans.

Facebook wants us to pay to play and from a business perspective, this makes sense. The company has given us free information, resources, communication and has revolutionized social media. Facebook has always been a free website and many believe that were long overdo for paid marketing Still, that doesn’t prevent many of us from griping as we type in our credit card numbers with the attempt to boost our content to the fans and followers who thought they would get information from our Facebook pages simply because they LIKEd them.

Whether you have the marketing dollars or not to invest in Facebook marketing, you have to continue to use Facebook. Decreasing your activity on the site is one thing but dumping it altogether is something else. Until another social media beast takes over the internet, it’s best to to continue to tango with Facebook.