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What We Do

At Celebrity Sites®, we develop a web presence centered on an Online Celebrity Platform™ (OCP). An OCP is much more than a web site; it is a system of tools that allow you to leverage online content to create business, rather than most web sites which act like an online brochure and just look pretty but don’t directly convert to dollars. With our system you will attract interested clients, gain their trust and get them to give you their information so that you can solicit their business with a methodical automated system. We do much more than just create a web site… we will also market your web site and take your business to the Next Level… allowing you to work "in" your business, while we work "on" your business.

We have 3 phases:

Phase I – Online Celebrity Platform™ Construction

In Phase I we will design and construct your web site so that it has all the necessary parts of a working Online Celebrity Platform™. If you already have a web site, we will redesign it for you so that it too will have all the working parts that makes your Online Celebrity Platform™ successful.

Phase II: Making the Online Business Platform Work

In Phase II we will promote your site so that you get the results you want. The more it is promoted, the more "hits" you get and the more hits you get the more interest is generated in the site form all sources, from individuals to search engines. Creating a buzz about you or your business is the single most important phase because without it everything you did in Phase I is wasted.

Depending on your Monthly Membership Level, here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Ongoing consultations as needed- we are here to help you grow your business and therefore we are happy to discuss your business and website when needed. These conversations cans be via in person meetings, conference calls and of course, email.
  2. Autoresponders
    • Autoresponders allow us to write a series of messages that will be personalized and automatically sent out to prospects at the intervals we select. For example, if a customer downloaded a special report, we could set the autoresponder to send out an email 10 days after the special report was emailed and the email could be a personal message to the customer asking them if they have any questions regarding the special report, or asking them to contact you to learn more. The combinations that you can create with autoresponders are limitless- this is just one example. We will test what works and to quote the legendary Ron Popiel, “Set it and Forget it!” This will allow us to constantly tweak the site for optimum performance and revenue generation.
  3. Blogging
    • We will help you create an on-going blog that can be picked up by search engines.
    • A blog is similar to an online diary; some even say it’s a soapbox. The goal of a blog is that it lets you conversationally discuss your products, industry, current events and the surrounding circumstances in a way that lets you teach why you are the expert and why your products or services are exactly what the online market is looking for. The more you write, the more topics you cover, and the more key words that pop up in your BLOG, the more relevant your site becomes in a search engine.
  4. Articles
    • An extension of your blog will be articles. The articles you generate, which can be similar to the ones you post on your blog, can be submitted through online portals that can increase your site relevance literally overnight. A common strategy is to discuss a hot topic in the news and then give your “expert” opinion and solutions. When crafted correctly, these articles can drive lots of traffic and lots of sales.
  5. Circular Marketing™ for Article and Blogs
    • Our proprietary Circular Marketing™ uses social media to drive qualified traffic directly to your CelebritySite. Each month you will receive two short blogs written for you as well as two longer blogs. These blogs will not only be written for your particular niche but also seeded with your industry keywords for SEO. We will then use social media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Del.ic.io.us, Reddit, Twitter, EzineArticles.com and Knol, just to name a few, to syndicate your content worldwide and drive qualified traffic back to your CelebritySite.
    • Blog writing and syndication is an essential tool for creating your position as a leading expert in your field. With our proprietary Circular Marketing™ we will syndicate your blogs through multiple social media sources then drive traffic back to your CelebritySite with linkbacks.
  6. Develop video exposure (e.g. YouTube, MySpace TV, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, Blinkx)
  7. Press Releases
    • We will write a distribute press releases for you. As discussed, these press releases are used to generate traffic to your website and awareness of your company as well as your products and services. The press releases can even be as simple as a release about a recent article you have written.
  8. Standard Monthly Ezine
    • We will create a custom designed ezine just for you and your company and customize it monthly with the content you give us. This ezine can feature your services, a special you have going on, a recent article you wrote, a recent radio show broadcast, etc. We will also take care of sending it out to make sure it gets delivered to your clients and prospects.
  9. Analysis of Traffic Patterns
    • If you don’t know where and how your web traffic is finding you, it’s like fishing in the dark. You have no idea what is working. We will provide you with 4 weekly detailed reports on your CelebritySite and one additional monthly report, for a total of 5 reports per month. These reports will provide you with detailed analytics of your CelebritySite and the traffic you are receiving. And this isn’t just a matrix of numbers like many other companies will cut and paste from an automated dashboard and send to you, this is detailed human analysis and commentary.
  10. Web Position Report
    • SEO can sometime be a moving target. Our monthly SEO reports will determine change in SEO rankings so that we can keep you in front of the highest number of online consumers searching for your product or service.
  11. Monthly Re-Submissions to Search Engines
  12. Monthly Submissions to Search Engines
  13. Recommendations of possible opportunities for future satellite feeder sites.

Phase III: Monitor, Optimize and Create New Revenue Streams

We realize that you only have so much time, so, the good news is that we will work on this part of your business with you. We will correspond with you to flush out your business model and to constantly add revenue streams to your business. Ultimately in Phase III, we offer the opportunity to optimize your business and create new revenue streams.

Each one of these phase is critical to maximize your online potential. If you would like more information about these phases please feel free to contact us.