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What Myths Do You Believe About Your Website?

In the third article in our series about online marketing myths, we’re going to tackle the myths many people still believe about their websites! Not only are many of these pervasive ideas outdated, they can actually hurt your web presence!

1)   Regular redesigns are imperative. Actually, regularly overhauling your website can hurt you. Once your clients become used to a certain design and layout, drastic changes can be jarring for them. Even worse, if they once knew exactly where something is, but then can’t easily find it on the new site, they can get frustrated and leave. Instead, make changes to your site that make sense! For instance, if there’s a new widget that can get you new Facebook likes and shares, then by all means, add the widget. Or, if your web company didn’t do a great job with the design and layout, find someone who can do better! But try to avoid complete overhauls as that can hurt your previous branding work.

2) Design and layout don’t matter. While you don’t need to pay an exorbitant amount for a designer, but you DO need someone who specializes in web design. Even a great print designer is not necessarily going to understand the requirements for a good website. For instance, you need to make sure your most important credentials are easily visible, and you should have a photograph of yourself as a focus!

3) People will just show up. If you have a party, but don’t send out invites, how many people do you think will show up? No one, of course! It’s the same thing with your website: if you don’t promote it, share it with your clients, employ good SEO practices, etc. people won’t know your site exists.

4) Maintaining a website is difficult. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. If you find a good company, they’ll be able to listen to your needs and capabilities, and set up a site you can manage. One really common solution is a content management system, which essentially lets you input blog and articles into a simple form. Granted, something a little more complicated will look more sophisticated, but sometimes you have to work with what you have! Even better, find a company that will handle updates for you, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

5) Stock images are fine! This is one of the biggest website misconceptions I come across. Think about it: if you go to a company’s website and it seems incredibly generic, what questions does this raise in your mind? That they don’t want to show who they are? That they won’t have a unique enough approach to meet your unique needs? That they didn’t want to put the effort in to doing something better? Instead, show them you. Show them your staff. Give them the ability to put a name with a face, so that they feel more connected to you when they call. As we always say, "people buy people." And they buy the people they talk to, not generic stock photo people.

So there are five of the biggest website myths that I hear from clients all the time! Wondering if something you’ve been told is fact or fiction? Don’t hesitate to ask!