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Weekly SEO/SMM Alert – October 16

6 Social Media Marketing Lessons From The Rugby World Cup 2015

The Rugby World Cup has been blowing up social media during the course of the matches and earning attention from around the world. Find out how you can implement their strategy into your own.


Quick Content Ideas For When You Don’t Have Time

Struggling to find something new to write about for your blogs? Draw some new inspiration with these ideas and see how you can change up your brainstorming techniques to keep content fresh.


6 Ways That Businesses Fail On Social Media

Are you missing the mark with your social media goals? Find out what social media users are doing wrong and avoid making the same mistakes.


Trends That Can Help You Turn Online Searchers Into Purchasers

Bring the customers searching for your products directly to your website and drive sales.


How To Make A Personalized Quiz to Drive Sales

Have you ever wondered how Amazon knows when to recommend the right product at exactly the right time? Now you can too! With this helpful tool, you can create quiz that relates your products to the quiz results, encouraging customers to find just the right product.


How To Create Instagram Ads

Instagram has started adding "Sponsored" photos into News Feeds- find out how to get your business’s ad involved and increase visibility.


5 Lesser Known Facebook Page Features for Marketers

Do you use Facebook for a lot of your social media business? Aside from tagging and sharing, there are other useful ways tot utilized Facebook as a marketing tool.