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Weekly SEO SMM Alert – October 9 Edition

9 Big Unanswered Questions About Twitter Moments

Twitter has added a new feature for users called "Moments," but does it really help social media marketers? Bloggers are searching for answers on how to utilize the feature to reach their target audiences.


13 Tools To Take Your Blog Writing From Good to Great

Check out these tools to help your blog content stand out among the masses. Even reworking content can create new life and reach new readers.


SEO and ROI Go Hand In Hand

When the SEO helps a customer with decision-making, it causes the ROI to grow. With these tips, you’ll be able to boost your SEO and therefore boost your ROI.


7 Tips For Deploying A Successful Ad Retargeting Strategy

Try these seven tips to retarget your ads and reach the internet audiences around the web.


How to Properly Use Hashtags on Instagram for Growth

Hashtags were created as a way to set trends and reach a target audience. A little bit of research into Instagram and what audiences are finding can help you find your way.


10 Pinterest Profile Must-Haves

Pinterest has proven to be one of the top-networking site for large and small business. Building your profile’s image can help boost your visibility and attract more followers.


6 Tips to Clean Up Your Twitter Account

Is your Twitter account a mess and getting to be unmanageable? Diving into the account and getting rid of "junk" will make the account more manageable and more capable of proper social engagement.