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Voice Searches

In your digital marketing strategies, you may have seen a rise in questions-based searches and the use of long-tailed key words? what does this mean? Further research into these trends has come to find that the SEO world is changing because of voice-based searches. With the rise of services like Siri and Cortana, many mobile users are actively using the talk-to-text features to conduct Internet searches on their devices.

In December 2015, Search Engine Land reported that over percent of voice/search command users have only recently just started to use the service within the last 6 months. This rapid growth can change the face of digital marketing and SEO; how can you be sure that your brand is coming up in voice searches?

Prepare your brand in three steps:

  1. Think about how you?re showing up in brand searches. Is your brand?s name spelled phonetically? Voice searches don?t always spell names correctly, so be sure to research common misspellings or mispronunciations of a product, name, or search term. By adding those ?variations? to your keyword optimization strategies, so that your brand will still come up even if the voice search interprets words incorrectly.
  2. Adjust for natural language. Typing in a Google search is a lot different than speaking into something. For example, you might type ?London day tip excursions? into a search, but when speaking, the question could be rephrased to fit normal speaking patterns: ?How much does it cost to take a day tour around London.? Natural language tends to be more specific than computer language, so be sure you?re aiming for search results that can answer a question most directly.
  3. Aim to be at the top of the funnel by answering the questions asked in the voice searches. If consumers are conducting research based on their specific questions, they need to be introduced a to a brand that can help. With your content, add keywords that could show up in a question to boost your visibility in a search. Think about general FAQs about your brand and pull out relevant keywords to optimize for SEO.

Voice searches are still growing, becoming more prevalent. There?s no time like the present to jump on the trend to stay ahead of the curve and boost your SEO visibility.