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Video Marketing

Video was one of the most popular content marketing formats in 2015- with good reason. According to a 2016 study conducted by Aberdeen Group on video trends, companies that use video content see 41% more traffic from searches than those brands that haven?t adopted video.


Build your audience with simple strategies to incorporate video:


  • Incorporate Vine and Instagram to add video content. These tools offer an opportunity to put short videos and connect them to a blog or website. Many brands, such as Dunkin? Donuts, have seen success on Vine using humor and catchy music as tools to draw in an audience and gain views.
  • Give your audience a ?behind-the-scenes? peek. You can post a ?day in the life? video blog of a staff member, or create a how-to demonstration of a product. These types of videos show the people behind the brand and offers unique chance to engage customers.
  • Offer ?real-time? updates, responses, and contests. With tools like Facebook Live and Periscope, you?re able to get consumers in the know as things are happening. Consider looking through commonly asked questions about a product and service and conducting a live question-answer session with consumers. If you want to unveil a new product, a live video could be a great way to get your consumers involved in the excitement.


With your video strategy, keep the message simple and concrete. To make the best of a video, be sure to rehearse beforehand and get right to the point with content to keep your audience?s attention. When posting your video to platforms, summarize the content in a text sentence, giving a quick reference to what viewers are seeing.