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Using Polls For Your Social Media Strategy

Having just a presence on social media is not enough in today’s marketing world. To have a strong and effective social media strategy it is important to engage and interact with your audience in different ways.

The question is, are you utilizing all social media tools to build your presence to its fullest potential? Probably not. One of the tools you’re most likely underutilizing are social media polls.

Take a look at why you should incorporate polls in your social media strategy:


Build a Community

Using polls in your social media strategy lets your audience see that you are also interested in hearing what they have to say and invites them to join a conversation. Seeking your audiences’ input shows that you value their opinions which helps build a stronger and more loyal fan base community.

Broadcasting the results from your audience and applying the feedback you received shows that you’re looking to better your business to meet the needs of your community. This will make more of your fans stick around and invite others to help you build a larger and more engaging community!


New Content Ideas

Sometimes we all need a little help thinking of new ideas, and who better to ask than your audience!? You can use polls to throw out topic ideas to see what your audience is most interested in. By looking at the results you can see other topics you can address in future content that received more hits than others.

This helps you generate content that you know will interest your audience, and in return bring you better results and engagement.


Audience Feedback

As a business owner it’s important to have feedback to ensure you’re creating a business to meet the needs of your consumers in the best way possible. There are plenty of ways to gain customer feedback, but why not make it easier for yourself and go directly through your social media outlets?

On social media you already have a following that most likely knows about your business and the services you provide. Along with this come personal opinions that they probably want to share.

Allowing your audience to have a voice not only provides a better customer experience, but also brings you free feedback to help grow your business and meet your consumers’ needs.



As you can see, including polling in your social media strategy can offer real benefits for business owners and help you effectively use your online presence. If you haven’t considered trying them out, then now