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Using Facebook Reactions

Gone are the days on Facebook where “liking” a post is your only option. Now, whether you are a mobile or desktop user, you’re able to show more emotion with the new “Reaction” icons. On desktop, simply hover over the “Like” button (or on mobile, hold down the “Like” button) and you will see the Reactions pop-up for selection.

After careful studies involving their original stickers and the strong use of emojis across the board on social media, Facebook added Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Anger as reactions to Facebook posts. As marketers, you can take this information to learn about your audience.

To get started, suggest that your audience to test out how to use this new feature can drive traffic and start conversation. Inside Cheerleading Magazine even started a contest with their reaction buttons, entering all the people who “Loved” their status in a drawing for a prize.

With a specific reaction, you can really see what people think about your post. The results of the posts are easy to see: the count shows right on the page. You can even use the Reactions to research your competitors and see a summary of their reactions to posts.