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We all know the importance of having a photo to accompany text, whether on a website or blog posting. However, finding the perfect photo can be a bit tricky, but thankfully, once again, we can turn to the Internet for help. With sites like Unsplash, you?re able to browse thousands of photos and use them to your liking for both commercial and personal accounts.


All of the photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which means that users can copy, modify and distribute their chosen photos for free and they don?t have to ask for permission. Unsplash encourages uses to give credit to the photographers, but it?s not a requirement to use the photos. Each photo lists the name of the photographer and, while Unsplash encourages uses to give credit to the photographers, it?s not a requirement to use the photos.


To start your own account, it?s free! Simply go to unsplash.com and create an account with your email address. You can also sign up with Facebook. As a user, you can browse the many different collections of photos and find the perfect one for your content. The collections range from perspective to creatures, to in the office and pictures of people. Unsplash features photos every ten days that you can choose to have sent straight to your inbox or you can come back and browse the featured photos as you see fit.


To download a photo, click on the one that you want and there is a download icon in the top right hand corner. You?re then able to down the photo and save it to your computer and use as you see fit.


A tool like Unsplash can help you to save time and draw in an audience with an eye-catching website or profile.SEO Alert 527