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Top Reasons To Limit Options on Your Page Layouts

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With the consumer power at all-time high, many web masters and business owners assume consumers want to explore as many options as possible, but data from the most trusted traffic analysts as well as academic journals suggest your website’s visitors prefer a simplistic layout.

Google’s Data Suggests Simple Sites Are More Appealing.

Your website’s visitor know clutter vs. simplicity within the blink of an eye Google discovered sites w/ low visual complexity which much more appealing to users and the study also found that most people determine if a website is simple or complicated within 50 milliseconds.

Researchers Say Too Many Choices Exhaust Consumers.

Choice overload “exhausts” consumers, according to researcher Barry Schwartz told FastCompany.com:

“As the number of options increases, the costs, in time and effort, of gathering the information needed to make a good choice also increase,” writes Schwartz. “The level of certainty people have about their choice decreases. And the anticipation that they will regret their choice increases.”

Studies Show Higher Conversion Rates on Simple Layout Sites.

Studies by Notre Dame and multiple web traffic pattern analysts show that simple site layouts make it easier for consumers to find their desired product or service, which improves conversion rates.


  1. Reduce cluttered images: If you have too many images on the screen, keep your favorites but toss any that may seem redundant.
  2. Trim the amount of menu tabs: Put your most frequently visited pages as tabs and avoid using more than six or seven tabs.
  3. Limit the amount of text on each Page: Visitors don’t want to read a novel, they want to find the information or product as quickly as possible. If you have multiple paragraphs of quality content you think your visitors will enjoy, devote that heavy amount of text to a blog post.