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Top 5 Ways To Bump Up Your Social Media Stats

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Since the beginning of time, social media lovers have always wanted more.

Having 5 followers is not enough. Especially if you can have 5,000. Organically growing your business through social media takes a bit of time and strategy, but it can be done. We have 5 ways to boost those social media stats and we think you’ll appreciate how achievable these tasks are for both social media novices and professionals alike.

Stay consistent

News doesn’t stop and neither should your posting. Social media moves at a the speed of light and to keep up with it and to succeed at it, consistently posting content is ideal. Also, many have found that posting on weekends helps them reach an audience that they normally wouldn’t get in front of during the week.

Don’t just like and follow…comment!

If you think that following a ton of people is is a good idea, well…it is! Keep in mind that what’s better is directly communicating with them. A like or follow acts as a wave whereas an actually comment can make people feel special. Don’t hesitate to let others know how much you really like their content.

Create a weekly schedule

If you struggle with trying to come up with these to say each and every day, developing a weekly schedule may help. Coming up with a schedule once a week (or once a month if you’re feeling ambitious) can help you think ahead and decide what you’d like to post. If you have more flexibility, you can push things down should current events pop up and require immediate posting.

Develop series

Lovers of what you do follow you for a reason. Keep them coming back! A weekly or monthly series gives them something to look forward to. Using hashtags like #MoneyMonday or #TricepTuesday helps the series become recognizable and can bring in new fans.

Host giveaways

Everyone loves freebies! Treat potential fans and current fans with a sample of your product or a gift card that can be used anywhere. If it’s in the budget, monthly giveaways can lure in new fans and the great content that you push out can keep them.