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Three Reasons You Should Be Using Polls

Have you started an online poll? If you don’t see the value in posting polls, take a look at the three reasons why you need to add online polls to your arsenal of web marketing.

Online Polls Engage Your Social Media Audience

620px-Your_Vote_Counts_BadgeNo matter what type of product or service you sell, there’s no denying the value of an engaged audience in your social networks. You can’t expect to pitch a product to people who can’t even see or hear your pitch.

Regardless of your total number of followers on social media, the number most worthy of your focus is the number of fans who are engaged with your posts. Since attention has emerged as the unofficial currency of the web, polls have become an essential tool for gaining attention.

Online Polls Can Grow Your List of E-Mail Newsletter Subscribers

Have you been looking for creative solutions to add to your list of opt-in email newsletter

subscribers? With most online poll programs, even free versions such as Wufoo, you can add an optional or mandatory field for voters to add their email address.

Make clear that they’re opting in for your email, and if these entries will all become extremely valuable once they’re adding to your mass email marketing campaigns in the future.

Online Polls Provide Valuable Insights About Your Target Market

Last but not least, online polls can provide valuable insights about your market audience. With the information you derive from the results, you can adjust the focus, tone or target of future marketing campaigns to appeal to the mindset of your prospective clients and customers.