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Three Reasons Why You Need A Blog


You’ve heard about blogs.

Everyone has heard about blogs. Blogs have been present on the e-space since before they had a formal name. Despite what you may know about blogging, do know that blogs can very much help your visual presence on the World Wide Web. Many of our clients wonder just why they need a blog. They feel that because they don’t read blogs, that attaching one to their sites would be pointless. Who reads blogs anyway? And do they really matter in terms of SEO and attracting potential clients and customers?

The answer is simple…YES.

Blogs have been and are still very much important for all business owners and companies. We’ll focus on three main reasons for why blogs can help you and your business.

They can bring up your ranking.

In order to understand this, you may have to dive a bit into understanding how search engine optimization works. Simply put, the more information that you put out there surrounding your niche, the greater your chances of popping up in search engines. While your website may not get updated regularly, an active blog with several blog posts each month ensure that you are relevant, alive and an authority in your industry.

Blogs help you feel personable.

While running a business is your top priority, having a conversational tone with your customers and clients can be very beneficial. Everyone likes to feel as they know the people behind the scenes. Having a blog gives you the chance to tie in a bit of your life with your business. Want to show off pictures of your new dog? Came up with a new recipe? Want to spread some holiday cheer? This can all be done easily through blog posts.

They keep people up to date with what you have going on.

Those you do business with may not have the time to constantly visit your website to see what updates and changes you have made. Having a blog means you can update with current events, industry news, speaking engagements and meeting locations. How easy is that?

We’d love to know what you think? Do you find a blog helpful for your site?