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The Weather Is Getting Cooler – How About Your Social Media Presence?

Many people don’t understand social media – even if they access it themselves. For whatever reason, some were perfectly fine with advertising for their businesses through traditional outlets. Managing a Facebook page isn’t something they ever thought about doing. Until they did it. Many jumped aboard the social media train unwillingly but hey, at least they’re here, right? While some presence can actually be better than no presence at all, it is important to remember that you do want to have a likable voice and overall social media presence.

Take a look at your Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account. Would you want to follow you? What is it about your pictures or language that may prompt someone to revisit you in the future? Keep in mind that while your primary focus is to educate clients, fans and customers, you can still have a little fun! Show that you are a person behind the brand. Have a special cause that you really like? Tell your readers.

If you find yourself at a complete lost in the creativity department, see what your competitors are doing. Do they offer promotions to their clients? Are they hosting local events, doing giveaways or providing useful information? Stay authentic with your voice but be inspired by those in your arena.

If all else fails and you’d much rather leave the heavy lifting to someone else, think of us! We make it our business to to take care of yours.