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The Quick and Simple Guide to Using Video Marketing

Using video as part of your digital marketing plan isn’t a novel idea. In fact, brands and businesses have been using video for decades. Have you heard of these fancy things called commercials?

The difference is, using video as part of your marketing program is no longer a luxury: it’s a necessity.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Take a quick scroll through your social media feeds. Now check out a few business websites, such as your favorite brand. Notice something? Almost everyone is using video marketing in some fashion.

With 82 percent of marketing professionals finding video to be an effective tool for their digital marketing strategy, businesses are using video to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of the right audience. Video marketing is easily the most influential and important marketing tactic of this decade.

To provide further context, let’s look at some additional video marketing stats:

Are you convinced? Good. Let’s discuss how to properly use video in your digital marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Best Practices

Before you press the record button, it’s best to understand how to effectively produce and use video within your marketing strategy. Follow these best practices for the top results:

Have a Plan

It’s not enough to quickly shoot a last-minute video on your smartphone. Your digital marketing strategy requires professionally-produced videos to achieve specific goals. To begin, ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish with this video?” Popular answers include:

  • To increase product sales
  • To generate awareness for my brand
  • To build a community of loyal fans
  • To improve my social media engagement and overall metrics

From there, use your individual answer to devise a plan for filming, editing, and distributing your video. Keep in mind that your audience will know the difference between a well-produced video and one hastily put together.

Hire a Professional or Outsource Your Video Necessities

If you’re planning to use video in your marketing strategy (which you should), it is in your best interest to utilize the talents of a professional videographer. Quality videos are of the utmost importance, whether that means hiring a video professional to be in-house or outsourcing your projects to an agency. In today’s digital marketplace, it’s not hard to identify which brands take their video marketing content seriously and which still do not understand the importance.

Always Have a Story

Video marketing is the perfect storytelling platform. No matter if you’re using video to sell a product, bring awareness to your brand, or simply reach a specific audience, you need a story. Otherwise, what’s the point of producing the video in the first place? Why should your audience watch the video? A story is a way to compel an audience and retain their attention.

How to Use Video Marketing

Once you’ve produced this amazing piece of video content, what do you do with it? While it all boils down to your initial goal for the video, here are some common ways and places to use video within a marketing strategy:

  • An “About” or “Introduction” video on your website
  • As part of an ongoing social media content series
  • Within sales pages for a lead generation campaign
  • As part of the client onboarding process for B2B businesses
  • To provide quality content to users and increase SEO rankings

The possibilities for video marketing are virtually endless. From YouTube series to new product announcements, you can use video throughout your entire digital marketing strategy. Remember to have a defined goal and process for your video marketing efforts for the best overall results.

Why Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy?

It’s simple: Companies that use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49 percent faster year-on-year than those that don’t (Aberdeen Group, 2015). So, the question becomes, “Why aren’t you using video in your