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The iPhone 6 Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Tech lovers everywhere are losing their minds over the release of Apple’s newest iPhone. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Oh, that’s right – EVERY Apple iPhone release is like this. In almost a week we will get a chance to see if the rumors are true and if this iPhone is indeed the one that you HAVE to have. ‘

Of course we still don’t know all of the specs that this superhero of a device will have but we do know that Apple is going to be giving us a larger screen. This has a few iPhone fans a bit worried as one of the many things that made the device likable is its size and how nicely it fits into the palms of hands. Users can comfortably hold the phone in one hand and allow their thumbs to move about easily while accessing the phone.

Will the larger screen help or hinder productivity?  A larger screen would make viewing documents, sending emails and having FaceTime conversations much easier, but will will holding the larger phone make for cramped wrists and the need to use another hand? Only time will tell. As iPhone lovers, we are convinced that Apple can’t do any wrong and we are excited about getting a chance to see this new family member up close and personal.

Forbes has given us a nice breakdown on how the size of the new iPhone will change things. Believe it or not, there really is a science behind all of this but we’re too far anxious to sit and ponder over it. We’d much rather get our hands on that iPhone…now!