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Tackling Social Media, Part II

social media

Did you read our first post on tackling social media?

It was there where we gave some suggestions on how to amplify your posts and reach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We are still fresh into 2015 and it’s not too late to figure out a system or get into routine. If you find doing so challenging, time-consuming or virtually impossible, remember…we can help! In the meantime, check out some of our suggestions on ways to boost your traffic and presence on Yelp, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.


Don’t think Yelp is for you? Think again! If you have brick and mortar, you should be active with ensuring that your Yelp profile is up to date. Considering we live in a review-based world, customers often like to take a look at a place of business before they actually visit it. Your reviews can make or break your business. Responding to comments and getting suggestions from those who have visited can greatly help your business overall.


Depending on your business, having a presence on LinkedIn can be a great thing! This is especially true if at some point you plan to add to your company by way of hiring a qualified person. LinkedIn is being used heavily by those in search of jobs and headhunters. Outside of that, you may want to consider adding a company page and keep it updated regularly so that those interested in your company can get an idea as to what you have going on behind the scenes.


If Google+ confuses me, invest some time in really getting to know this social media networking. Aside from it really being beneficial on the SEO side of things, Google+ may be a fantastic way to reach potential client and to stay in touch with current clients and customers. Hashtags is the word and if you use them correctly and regularly, your messages can be seen globally!


Even if you do a video once a month, having a presence on YouTube can greatly benefit your brand. Consider doing 1 or 2 minute videos highlighing some of the members in your company. Show off an up and coming product or give shout outs to clients. Putting a face with the name oftentimes help customers feel as if they really know you.

We’ve got even more to share! Stay tuned for part III where we share email marketing, giveaways and more.