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Spring Cleaning Your Online Presence

With spring thankfully only two weeks ago, it’s time to think about Spring Cleaning! But we’re not talking about cleaning your house, or even your office; we’re talking about sprucing up your online presence!

Too often, people set up their website and social media profiles, and then never re-review the text. This is a big mistake! After all, your business has experienced growth and change over the last year, and you want to make sure your sharing your best assets with current and prospective clients!

Here’s what you need to review and update this spring, to make sure your website is up-to-date:

1)   Website bio. When’s the latest time you read your website bio? Last year? In reality, it’s probably been longer than that, even if you’ve created a new website since then. The bio is something most people slip to the bottom of the to-do stack when they’re busy, but in reality, you’re selling yourself short if you’re not telling your most current story.

2)   Staff profiles. If you’ve added new staff in the past year, make sure they’re on your website so your clients can put a name with a face! And if staff members have moved somewhere else, make sure to remove them, so that clients aren’t spending time trying to get a hold of the wrong person. Adding titles and a short description of what each staff members does can also make it easier for clients to get in touch with the correct person.

3)   Check forms. Because technical errors can happen, it’s always a great idea to periodically test forms on your site. This is also a great time to review your autoresponders and make sure they’re the best they can be!

4)   Videos. Again, since video hosting services changes their technology, it’s always a good idea to make sure videos aren’t returning error messages for your visitors! While you’re reviewing the videos, you can make a list of what you have, and then brainstorm what could be useful to your clients that you’re currently missing.

5)   Social media descriptions. When many people set up their social media profiles, it sort of becomes "set it and forget it." However, whenever you update your contact page, About page, have any new accomplishments, etc. you need to update your profile information on your social media accounts as well.

6)   Social media cover photos. In the world of social media, cover photo requirements get updated constantly. If you haven’t checked on your image in over a year, there’s a chance it’s blurry, stretched out, cut off, or needing some other update. It’s worth checking it to make sure your profile looks its best.

7)   Email lists. Periodically, it is good to do what is called "list hygiene." This is where you send an email to those who haven’t opened an email in a certain period of time (6 months is common, but 1 year might be good if you don’t send emails often) to see if they still want to be on your list. The benefits include perks ranging from giving you more accurate open rates, to reducing the risk of being blacklisted because people who want to unsubscribe just report you as spam.

8)   Profile picture. How long ago was your profile picture taken? Have you drastically changed your hair? Gotten Lasik? You don’t want prospective clients to be caught off guard when they come to your office, so make sure your picture reflects the current you!

So there you have it: eight tips on how to Spring Clean your online presence. Don’t hesitate to get in touch in you have additional questions!