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Do You Have a Social Media Game Plan?

Whether you’re a novice or expert on the Internet, you probably use social media on a daily basis (if not hourly if you are @brianhorn @davidbullock or myself ?). And, if you own a business or are a marketing agent of some kind and haven’t really utilized these networks to help you spread your message, you’re really missing out on a wealth of relevant followers. There is a captive (and passionate) audience out there that you can certainly tap into but to quote David Bullock’s tweet from last week "Is social media a fad or distraction for you? Do you have a pragmatic social media plan or are you just chatting? Hmmm…."

That even made me think (thanks Dave)… am I effectively utilizing my game plan?

Social Media by it’s meaning is "social." So it should certainly be used for that purpose- and if you are spamming your followers with nothing but advertisements that will get you nowhere in their minds.

However, like any other aspect of your business, you have a plan and you should absolutely have a Social Media plan… and treat it as such. Not to say, don’t "tweet" when you think of something valuable to push out to your audience, but overall have a game plan for what you are trying to accomplish. Set it weekly, monthly… two days in advance if that’s all you can do… but, whatever you find that works for you and your business have a plan nonetheless.

Figure out the goals you are trying to accomplish from using Social Media. Is it more traffic to your site? More referring sites? More page views? More downloads? More returning visitors? Increased visitor interaction? Find the ROO (return of objective) that you can measure and set a game plan to get yourself there.

Don’t just "chat"… make money while chatting ?