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Lessons from a friend about Personal Branding

I was speaking with a friend the other day, and we were laughing over something he said in passing that was taken a little deeper than it should have been. What he meant by it was nowhere near what the other man took it as… in this case, profound… but, it got me thinking…

What is the language we use everyday to show who we are, both verbal and nonverbal. How does this message correspond with our business? Does it relate or is their a disconnect in what you are saying and in your actual message?

This thought is where Personal Branding comes in… where people buy in to what you are saying, simply for who you are…. People buy people.

Take a look at how you are portraying both yourself and your business in not only the way you speak but also your marketing and certainly in your social media. Make sure all of them are accurately portraying the message you want to come across… and control your media! ?

To your success!