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“Skip Intro”

As I am writing this blog, I am on the plane heading to NY to join the rest of the America’s Premiere Experts for our Celebrity Branding Experience.

Since I travel quite often I usually try to save some business reading (various Dan Kennedy books & publications, Stompernet’s Net Affect, etc) that I have accumulated over the past couple of weeks for the flight. Today is no different (@davidbullock and @jwest5150 thanks for the material this time!).

This trip I’m also flying with my father, who is sitting next to me reading “Understanding Digital Marketing” by: Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones. As we both come across interesting tid-bits we can use not only in our own businesses, but for our clients as well we interrupt each other to share.

My latest: a horrible use of advertising space and an almost non existent headline because it was so small…

Dad’s: a statistic- the most widely clicked on button on the Internet: “Skip intro”

So what does that tell you?

STOP selling before you build the relationship!

Unless you have caught people specifically in the buying mood (not likely) then you are there to educate and build the relationship. Once you do that, they will THEN buy from you when they need your particular products and services.

Think of how many times you “skip intro” so you can get to the “meat” of what you’re looking for. I know I do all the time. So “skip intro” by just not putting it there! 🙂

(By the way, don’t confuse this with not putting video on your site…that’s a whole other article!)

To you Social Media Success!