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Simple Publicity Tricks

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You don’t need to be a professional publicist or marketing expert to write effective online press releases. Writing a press release for online distribution is a quick, easy process. After writing a press release, submit to free online distribution services. For an extra fee, some services will further optimize press releases and blast out to larger distribution markets.

Begin your press release with a strong headline. The headline should be no more than 80 characters. The first paragraph (the lead or introductory paragraph of the press release) summarizes the main information. Don’t add fluff – stick to the basics. A press release covers the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. It should not exceed more than one page.

Stick to newsworthy facts. Write “facts” and avoid writing that sounds sales/advertising-oriented. If a press release reads like an advertisement, it’ll be rejected by online distribution services and media outlets. The goal of a press release is to gain media coverage and exposure. A press release should read like a news story and includes newsworthy that quickly grabs the media’s attention.

Use optimized keywords. Sprinkle keywords throughout the press release but do not stuff keywords for the sake of optimization. If allowed, always add the company’s website within the text of the press release (some distribution services do not allow hyperlinks within the press release).

Review for grammar and spelling errors. Do not add superlatives to the press release (example: very). Use active verbs and write short, succinct paragraphs. Review the press release for grammar and spelling errors before you send to online distribution services and media outlets.