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Should You be Using Flash on Your Website?

There are many benefits to using flash on your sites, but there are also drawbacks. The pros and cons need to be weighed carefully when deciding if Flash is the right application for your Website.

My two cents is that we don’t use it, it doesn’t play in mobile browsers and with the SEO disadvantages- we stay clear! (However, there are some SEO friendly versions that look like flash that your web designer can get away with!)

Anyway, because I was asked about Flash from a client this week- I thought I would list some pros and cons!

Here you go!

The Benefits of Using a Flash Website:

By using Flash, you gain advantages in design and the ability to use a variety of media. Flash can be used to incorporate music, text, photography and video – bundled together in a sleek format  that offers your website visitors an uniquely immersive experience when visiting. The ability of Flash to provide a state of the art multimedia event can draw your visitor through an immense variety of information. It can do so without requiring a click, and can provide a stunningly effective introduction to your business.

The Disadvantages of Using a Flash Website:

Web surfers are impatient. A  Flash site has the drawback of additional load time, and you may lose a percentage of visitors who click away for this very reason.  The larger the file, the longer the load time. The main drawback to be aware of is search engine rankings. Spiders cannot read the context of your Website if flash is incorporated and may have difficulty ranking it. If your business is highly dependent on organic rankings and traffic, Flash may not be the best option.

Flash is like any other application on your Website. It’s important to be aware of both benefits and drawbacks, enabling the designer to make the best decisions for your Website and the business it represents.