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SEO SMM Alerts June 12 Edition

Latest Data Shows Live-Streaming Hasn’t Hit the Mainstream Yet

Have you heard of the latest social media trends: Meerkat of Periscope? These programs allow you to post live-streams, a new social media trend. These apps can be useful to build your brand. Learn how!


12 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business

Ever wonder how some businesses are so successful on social media? Take a look at the 12 media trends that you can apply to your own brand. Different research has shown what is really working for a small business’ social media outlet.


How to Create Video Thumbnails That Boost Views

Do you use videos on your social media posts? By adding thumbnail images from you video, you can boost your video views. Picking the right image is the hard part; here are some tips to ensure you get it right every time.


Instagram Rolls Out New, Cleaner Layout

Instagram had some new updates to make the layout easier for users. With the changes, you may find Instagram a better match for your social media needs.


3 social media changes every small business owner should know about

You’ve probably been using social media platforms for a while and understand that the sites are always evolving. Recently, three changes have been made to Google, Twitter, and Facebook that is important for every business owner to know.


How to Foster a Cohesive Social Media Brand

Because you’re busy on social media, you probably have multiple accounts the various platforms. With these tips you can find out how to make your efforts more cohesive and why that is important.