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SEO SMM Alert September 4

Google Will Soon Start Punishing Mobile Sites That Use Annoying App Install Ads

The developers at Google have seen how users react to all the ads that push an new app download and will be working to minimize their appearance, which may even cause some sites to lose their "mobile-friendly" status.


10 Commandments of Content Marketing

Learn the dos and don’ts on how to be successful when writing content for marketing techniques. Use story-telling skills to engage your audience.


Influencer Marketing Effectiveness Continues To Rise: New Research Supports Facebook Impressions

See how important influencer marketing is to your business and why it’s important to consider in your budget adjustments. With dates from Facebook, it’s clear that influencer marketing in on the increase.


5 Safe Social Media Tasks for Business Leaders

Because social media is such a part of society, it’s important for business leaders to have an account. It makes consumers feel more engaged with the company. However, you have to be careful with that you’re posting as a leader. These tips can help you find the right things to put on your sites.


The Average Routine (and Salary) of Social Media Marketer

Look to see how the average social media manager manages to juggle staying on top of all the trends and constant change of the social media world. Are there things that you can implement into your own strategy?


Social Listening: We Ain’t Seen the Half of It

Social listening has changed the face of marketing; people are more apt to listen to what others are posting on social media when considering a purchase. Listen to a conversation about the importance of social listening.


Instagram Removes Square Image Limitation

Popular social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook, are changing up their sites to fit the needs of the users. Learn what is new for your social media marketing.


8 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Facebook Marketing

Using Facebook as part of your marketing technique? Use these tips to make your ideas more effective and efficient.


3 Tips for Getting Your Audience to Digitally Pay Attention

A recent book by Faris Yakob discuses how you can grow your business through organic consumer attention. With his success stories, you can get better ideas on how to grow and keep your audience.