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SEO SMM Alert June 5 Edition

SEO/SMM Alert—June 5 Edition


How to Generate Content Ideas Using Buzzsumo (and APIs)

This article helps you find the focus that can drive your brand. Learn about the way people are viewing your site so that you can find new ways to promote your message.


How to Create Pinterest Content Than Connects: What Marketers Need To Know

Pinterest is a different type of social media than Twitter and Facebook; it’s a source to gather information about interests rather than spread news. Using these tips you can broaden your following by touching on your follower’s interests while promoting your brand.


Twitter Marketing: How Smart Marketers Are Succeeding

Twitter is such a valuable tool that combines all facets of social media into one. Using it correctly will boost your marketing strategy., learn from Twitter success stories to ensure your tweets are efficient.


The 5 Easiest Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Still not sure how to get Instagram to work for you? With these tips, you’ll be sure to see some growth in you following.


Everyone’s Talking About Snapchat- and There’s Good Reason Why

Snapchat: not just for the kids anymore. Learn about how Snapcahat has grown in the past three years, how to capitalize on its younger market, and secrets to make the app work best for you.


4 reasons you shouldn’t afraid to be funny on social media

Laughter brings people together! As professionals, there is a time and a place for humor. Marketing strategies are finding that people connect with humor on the Internet. Not only are you more memorable, but you can also provide insight to your audience by making them laugh.


Exposing The Generational Content Gap: Three Ways to Reach Multiple Generations

People are living longer, that much is true. Each generation is unique within itself. As marketers, we want to reach all generations as our audiences. Learn about the generation gaps and how to convey the right message to reach each audience.