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SEO/ SMM Alert July 3

SEO/ SMM Alert July 3

Facebook Advertising Tools That Save Time and Improve Your ROI

Are you advertising on Facebook? There’s a world of possibility to reach your Friends with all the tools that the site is offering to advertisers.

7 Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities

Find out if all that hard work you’re investing into social media is paying off! Learning how to track your traffic and defining the right metrics, you can ensure that your valuable social media efforts are not wasted.

10 Ways to Creatively Design Your Business Twitter Profile

Make your Twitter profile stand out from the masses! It’s easy to get lost in the sea of followers and similar content. Adding a little creativity your profile won’t affect your tweets, but still grab the attention of followers.

Crash Course on Using Facebook Groups to Grow a Thriving Niche Community

There’s proven success when using Facebook Groups to build a social media following. Utilizing the crash course can help you build a community following around your service or product.

A Social Media RFP for 2015

Developing an RFP for social media could help out your strategy a lot, but is right for you? This blog post reflects on how to determine if a RFP could boost your social media relationships.

10 Twitter Chats You Need To Be Participating In

Engaging in Twitter chats is a great way to boost your visibility as well as keep you in on the current trends. Knowing which chats that will benefit you the most is critical. Check out the top ten Chats that you should join.

33 Powerful Tools To Get The Most Out of Your Users

This list of tools is full of good advice on how reach, connect with, and help your users. Stay on top of the trends and utilize the social media outlets to make the most out of your efforts.

The Emotional Role of Social Media Sharing

What makes people share content on social media? One theory is the emotional draw of the post. This article takes a deeper look in the psychology of the top shared posts out there and how to adapt it your own posts.