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SEO/ SMM Alert July 24 Edition

SEO/ SMM Alert July 24

Pinpoint your sweet spot customers

Businesses are generally looking for new customers constantly. Asking the right questions can pinpoint the perfect customer and give the ability to pursue more of the "right kind" of client.

Instagram Search: What It Means For Brands

Instagram has boosted the ability to search, giving brans the chance to become more visible. With three things in mind, watch your account’s visibility on Instagram spike.

Are you missing your best content generators?

Watching this video chat with Frank Strong can help you find the best content for your sites and create the right message.

Should Your Brand Be On Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media outlets today. Asking your brand the right questions can determine if you should jump on the bandwagon to reach your target audience.

Twitter and Facebook Get Caught Up in the "Moments" | Social You Should Know

Social media is all about connecting with other users and the major platforms know all the right ways to build the connections. Learn their strategies of capitalizing on "that moment" to bring your target audience together.

10 Ways to Create Picture Perfect Posts on Instagram

Build your visibility on Instagram with these tips and tricks. You’ll learn how to create the best post to capture the attention of your audience.

4 Lesser Known Facebook Ad Tips to Get the Most For Your Budget

Posting Ads on Facebook can bend the budget, however with these tricks, you can save on both time and cash to get your ad seen across the platform.

5 Ways to Use Social Media as a Networking Strategy

Social media is the perfect way to meet people and build your network! How can you use your audience to learn more about the industry? Connect with other users to spread your message further.