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SEO SMM Alert July 10

SEO SMM Alert July 10


4 Ways to Create Social Media Ads That Stand Out

We are all looking for ways to get our ads more visible on social media. Find out different ways to catch the attentions of the masses on your sites.


How Top Brands Improve Customer Retention on Facebook

Learn from the top companies on how to build relationships with your customers. Many big corporations, including JetBlue and Disney, utilize social media to provide excellent services and you can too.


8 Advanced Tools to Optimize Your Existing Traffic

A lot of time is spent driving to find new and drive more traffic to your sites, but what about the traffic you already have? With these tools, you utilize the resources you’ve already gathered while still searching for more.


Stand Out in Pinterest’s Smart Feed

Pinterest has incorporated a new way to rate pins and their visibility on feeds, called the Smart Feed. With the following tips, you can stand out among the masses and ensure that you’re making your blog and pins more visible.


12 Oh-So- Common Marketing Rookie Mistakes

New to social media or not seeing the results you want? There could be a very simple solution to drive your sites more. Learning what not to do is just as useful as learning best practices.


Four Tips to Improve Customer Service Using Social Listening

Using your company’s social media sites is a great place to start when researching customer satisfaction. Listening on social media can help you identify the problem and be better able to fix it.


How to Use Google’s Keyword Planner to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

With Google’s keyword planner, you can find out what people are searching for and use that knowledge to drive more traffic to your blog and social media posts.


7 Ideas for Keeping Your Brand’s Content Marketing Fresh & Relevant

Is your blog or posts getting too bland? With this tips and tricks, you can spice up the content to keep your followers interested and asking for seconds.