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SEO SMM Alert – blog- 5.29 Edition

Social Media Lessons from “The Bachelor”

Whether you watch the show or not, you’ve probably heard a lot about the Bachelor franchise. It had its 11th season premiere last week on ABC and Twitter blew up as a result. It was just Bachelor fans, but brands and celebrities were talking about it too. It was even said there was more hubbub about the show than the birth of the royal baby!


How does one television show get so much attention? More importantly, why should that matter to you? Using the same practices as The Bachelor, or Bachelorette in this case, you might just be able to attract more attention.


  1. Always be innovating. Find new, creative ways to doing your thing. Look at the core of your business goals and brainstorm new ways to get people talking about you. Surprise your audience with something new!
  2. Create a community. Listen to what people are already saying about your brand, both the positive and negative. Use this as an opportunity to engage in conversation. Nothing pulls people together like feeling apart of join venture.
  3. Make your audience feel special. Take what you’ve learned in step 2 and apply it in the future. Everyone likes it when his or her ideas are used, right? Make sure to be transparent by thanking the audience for their inputs; just another way to make them feel special and involved.
  4. Turn your assets into Influencers. Find out your own personality traits that will translate on social media. Previous contestants on the Bachelor have gained a massive Twitter following because the audiences feel like they know them. Let your followers know the real you and they’re going to feel more emotionally attached to what you have to say.


Using these tips, you’ll be able to be more engaged with audience, which gets people talking, and eventually you’ll get more followers. Just remember, it takes work and won’t happen overnight, just like with any other budding relationship. Good luck and enjoy this week’s alert!


SEO and SMM Alert May 29


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