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SEO SMM Alert August 21

6 Tips To Improve The Use Of #HashTags- Social Media

Hashtags are used to start trends on social media but there are right and wrong ways to use them. Are you joining a trend or just creating an eyesore for your audience?


10 Tools Bloggers Can Use For Promotion on Social Media

Are you trying to find more ways to promote your blog? Other than the basic platforms, there are other social media accounts that you can use to talk about your blog. Be sure to check them out!


Periscope Usage is Up, as is Twitter DM Count | Social You Should Know

Check out the newest changes to Twitter and see why Periscope is a social media platform to consider for your business.


Personal Branding Matters

Personal branding is becoming more crucial in today’s market. Knowing yourself is as important as knowing your product; hear from community experts on why you should take a serious interest in your own personal marketing strategy.


5 Ways to Improve Your Online Shareability

You might have great content on your blog, but how is anyone going to see it? Find out tips and tools to add to your strategy to get your content shared with other audiences.


9 Habits of Bloggers Who Have Huge Audiences

Learn from the best on how to attract the best audience for your blog and watch it grow across the internet.


Using Tumblr to Inspire Fan Activation

Tumblr is the place for fandoms to unite; how can we take what Tumblr has achieved and apply it our own business. This article takes a deeper look into how networks have used the fan-edge to make content go viral.


The 5 W’s of Snapchat: A Marketer’s Guide

Find out the Who, What, Where, etc on Snapchat and how to apply this growing platform to your social media strategy.


How to Optimize Your Tweets for Search

Are you trying to become more visible on Twitter? How can you make your tweets show up in more searches? Learn the Dos and Don’ts for optimal visibility.