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SEO SMM Alert 5.22 Edition

How to Use Twitter Direct Messages for Customer Service
If you’re using Twitter for your business, be sure to check out the Direct Messaging devices for customer communications. Previously DM could only be used if the users are connected, however with a new interface you’re able to receive messages from any Twitter user. This helpful article explains best practices to make the most out of this new update.

How to Start a Business Blog: Seven Essentials for Success
Are you looking to start a new blog for your business? Learn from the experts to set your blog up for success with design and content tips plus more.

How to Handle a Social Media Crisis
We’ve all been there- things get lost in the shuffle and suddenly you’re scrambling. Are you prepared for anything? With social media, word travels like wildfire, so it’s crucial to have a crisis plan. Read about ways to prepare yourself and react to any situation.

Google lets you look for tweets in mobile searches
With the newest Google update, you’re able to search for tweets with a simple Google search. You’ll be able to get real time updates, even on the go with iOS and Andriod apps!

Brands Are you trying to connect to a younger audience? Emojis are a great way to communicate with the younger generation. Powerhouse brands like Bud Light and Dominos are adding emojis to their marketing campaign and the results speak for themselves. Find out how to boost your brand this way too!

"Should We Be on Snapchat?" Brands, Stick to the Platforms Your Voice Actually Needs
With so many social media platforms out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. Should you be utilizing all of them? Perhaps not. This article helps businesses figure out which platform will work best for their needs.

The Content Marketing Challenges Sinking Your Ship
The ratio of success to failure with content marketing is 2:1. Learn how to say on the successful side by addresses challenges head on and learning new tips to make sure you’re taking all the right steps for success.

5 Incredibly Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Tips
Facebook is insanely popular. We all know that. It holds a lot of valuable data to connecting with audiences around the word; with the right advertising strategies you can reach those people with your brand.

Truth Be Told: Transparent Marketing is Here to Stay
As a marketer, it’s always important to keep things light and happy. However, audiences are more jaded than ever and can see right through cover-ups. Learn why transparent marketing is vital to success in today’s day and age.