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SEO SMM Alert 5.15 Edition

It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now on Mobile Than On Desktop
It’s been on the horizon for years, but it’s official: people are using their mobile devices for more searches than desktop computers. Times are changing the social media word as we adopt a more transportable means of sharing information,

Mobilegeddon Is Beginning, Not Ending
Are you mobile friendly? This article touches on the benefits of adapting to a site that is accessible on cell phones and how it could improve your business.

You Finally Achieved Content Virality! Now What?
You’ve finally been able to see yourself popping up on social media outlets more, but the work is hardly done. Find out how to continue your success with this helpful resource.

Silent video may become your brand’s loudest statement
With the creation of things like Hulu and Netflix, it’s getting harder for advertisers to have "captive audiences." How can you ensure that your ad is being seen? Studies have shown that the use of silent videos seems to be catching the consumer’s eye. Find out how you can make a silent video work the message you want to share.

How to Create Social Media Images That Connect With Your Audience
Are you able to connect with your audience with your visual content? Find out the best ways to make your sites more visually appealing and increase your followers list.

7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement
How do you keep your followers from getting bored? There are always new ways to interact with your audience. With these helpful tips, you can connect further on your social media accounts.

Facebook Rolls Out "Instant Articles" for iPhone Users
Because of all the changes to Google, other social media companies are changing their tactics too. Learn about Facebook’s new plan for "Mobilegeddon" created for iPhone users. As media changings, we can only expect our sources of news to continue to grow and change with the times,

Bringing Social Media Down to the Local Level
We all know about the popular chains of restaurant, retail locations, and entertainment venues. Even though there are several million Starbucks around the world, no two are exactly like, are they? Each location has its own unique audience and identity. Learn how to create a way for social media to target these differences and reach out to locals.