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SEO and SMM Alerts – 8/30/13 Edition

Lindsay’s Fav SEO and SMM Alerts – 8/30/13 Edition

Translating Twitter’s New Conversions

Have you been on Twitter lately and noticed the blue little bars that have appeared?  Check out Mashable’s article about understanding the new conversions for users!

5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Check out Social Media Examiner’s article detailing 5 ways to boost your brand’s awareness and increase engagement!  Vine, YouTube, and more!

How to Get Major League Results From Social Media

The San Francisco Giants have dominated the Social Media world with the engagement of their fans.  Check out this article from Social Media Examiner to find out how they did it!

How to Use the New Facebook Insights

Facebook has recently rolled out a new versions of Facebook Insights, the analytics system to track your page’s performance.  Though change can be a bit tricky, this article from Social Media Examiner will walk you through the new Insights!

The Real Social Media ROI Formula

Social Media is a fantastic way to market and promote your business and brand, but how effectively are you using the platforms?  Are you getting the return on your efforts?  The Search Engine Journal has put out an article explaining what they say is the “real” social media ROI formula.  Take a look!

From Keywords to Contexts: the New Query Model

The Moz Blog recently published an article where they claim the traditional query model for search engines will become obsolete in the near future, and be replaced by searches based on information you need at any specific moment!  Check it out!

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

SEO can be difficult to understand at first, but The Moz Blog has recently released a “cheat sheet” to help even the newest of SEO understand the process to be successful!

Vine and Instagram:  A Quick Guide for Business Users

Vine and Instagram are popular ways to visually to your followers creative looks into a brand and product. Social Media Today has posted an article details ways your business can effectively use the trendy platforms!

On-Page SEO Tips for PR Pros

SEO used to be about what was going on in the background of your website such as tags, meta descriptions, etc.  Now Google is looking at the content of your page for keywords and specifics.  Find out now in Social Media Today’s article explaining how the content on your page can be used in SEO!

5 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Embedded Posts

The new feature on Facebook is Embedded posts right into your own website!  Find out how your business can use this feature to drive up your social media awareness in Social Media Today’s article!