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SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/8/12 Edition

Happy Friday!

So it just dawned on me that it’s almost 5pm and I haven’t gotten my alert out to you yet! Just goes to show you, all the preparation in the world does you no good without execution! So while Eric is driving, I’m using my sprint wireless card to make sure I get this alert out to you (currently, we’re headed to my niece’s 1st ballet recital- she’s 4) 🙂

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/8/12 Edition

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5 Ways to Tell if Pinterest is Right For Your Business

Read this article to learn how Pinterest could better your business!

  1. Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Crowd Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Crowd
  2. Audit Your Eye Candy
  3. Test Your Creative Tensile Strength
  4. Run a Bandwidth Check
  5. Get a Free Pass if You’re Simply Passionate about Pinterest

Why the Google Penguin Update is Good for SEO

This is a very important article to read, especially if you have been hearing anything about the infamous penguin update! One thing is for sure, content is still king!

Using Twitter to Increase SEO

Twitter should be a critical part of your SEO strategy! Find out how by reading this article!!

4 Ways to Manage Online Reviews

This article is a quick read, with great advice on what you can do to manage your online reputation with your clients!

6 Tips to Avoid Making a Hash Out of Twitter Hashtags

These hashtag tips could improve your productivity on Twitter, ultimately growing your business and social media presence!

  1. Only use a hashtag when a regular key word is unavailable or ineffective.
  2. Find and use the most popular tags in your industry/profession.
  3. Make sure the tags you use are unique, clear and relevant.
  4. Keep hashtags simple.
  5. Don’t inadvertently include spaces between hashtag terms.
  6. Don’t game the tags.

26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities

Ever wonder how Social Media activities could work together to grow your business? Read this article to find out!