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SEO and SMM Alerts – 6/27/14 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 6/27/14 Edition!

4 Visual Content Tools To Help You Stand Out

Do you want to create more interesting visual content? Are you looking for new ways to present your message?  Learn how here!

3 Facebook Targeting Options Marketers Need To Know

Do you want to lower your Facebook ad costs and increase conversions? What if you had hundreds of micro-targeting options at your fingertips?  Find out how!

How To Start Using Google Analytics

Do you need a deeper understanding of Google Analytics? Do you know what data each section of Google Analytics offers?  Check out this article!

Animated GIFs on Twitter

You can now share and view animated GIFs on Twitter!  Read more about it!

Google Announces The End Of Author Photos In Search

Have you noticed that your Google Author photo has disappeared over the last few months?  Google gives, and Google takes. This time, they have taken the author photo!  Learn more!

Your Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird!

With all of these algorithm changes with cute names, it’s hard to keep track of which update has done what.  Here’s a cheat sheet to help you remember!