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SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/15/12 Edition

Happy Friday!

So I’m not Bridezilla… I’m not… really… even my father, who is always the quickest to remind of how stubborn I am and that I can be a little demanding, will tell you that I  TRULY have been VERY laid back about this whole wedding process. I am more excited than anything for “our big day” but marrying Eric is way more important than anything else.

However… OMG! I only thought I was doing well… until I had a problem with my shoes (see prior Friday Alert), then there was a problem with the bridesmaid dresses (they apparently decided NOT to tell me that they were running late and that they would be in only SEVEN DAYS before the wedding… not ok), then the flowers were wrong, then…. then… then….

Not to mention you slap “wedding” onto anything and it immediately becomes more expensive, even if it’s the same damn thing!

Which leads me to two things…

1. How important your own terminology is in your business…. For example, you can’t just have a cake, it has to be a “wedding cake”… you can’t just have a dress, it has to be a “wedding dress”… just by adding one little word you immediately get to charge more because it’s special; your USP. This is done all the time in businesses (although probably not as often as it should).  Are you doing it in yours?

2. If a client freaks out at you because of some “minor” detail… remember, it’s not minor to them 🙂

Hope you have something wonderful planned for the fathers in your life! We’re getting ready to head over to the beach to spend the weekend with both Eric and I’s Dads.

Below is this week’s alert and Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/15/12 Edition

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