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SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/1/12 Edition

Can you believe it’s already June?!

I am continually amazed how fast time flies the older you get. I remember being in middle school/high school and thinking that the year would CRAWL by. Now, before you know it half the year is gone!

Did you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend? We were lucky and only got rained on one of the days we were out at the beach. Other than that, it was a nice mini vaca filled with sand castles and pina coladas! 🙂

Below is this week’s alert, enjoy!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 6/1/12 Edition

WordPress Plugin: Ez Texting SMS Notifications

The Ez Texting SMS Notifications plugin allows your blog’s visitors to sign up to receive customizable text message notifications whenever you add a new post. You can also use the plugin to build a list of subscribers and send them text messages from within your admin panel whenever you like.

5 Simple Metrics to Track Your Social Media Efforts

This article gives five simple metrics to discover whether your social media efforts are successful!

  1. Examine referring traffic
  2. Review the quality and relevance of content
  3. Look at share of voice
  4. Track the total size of community and engagement
  5. Measure sentiment

How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

These six easy steps will dramatically boost your blog traffic using Pinterest! Check it out!

  1. Choose the best blog posts to pin
  2. Select or create your pin image
  3. Write your pin description
  4. Add the Pin It button to your blog post
  5. Pin your blog post
  6. Track traffic to your blog from Pinterest

How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine

This article is a must read! We all know that Content Marketing is important; but this article breaks down everything you need to know about HOW to use Content Marketing for business growth!

10 LinkedIn Tips for Building Your Business

LinkedIn can be a great way to grow your business! Make sure you know how by reading this article!

  1. Use Appropriate Keywords and Phrases in Your Heading and Title
  2. Mirror Your Online and Offline Business Networks within LinkedIn
  3. Tag Your Skills and Expertise
  4. Link to Your Websites with Keyword Anchor Text
  5. Personally Welcome and Acknowledge Your New Connections
  6. Add Video to Your Profile to Make it Come Alive
  7. Note Important Details and Opportunities for Next Actions
  8. Tag and Filter Connections to Organize and Build Relationships
  9. Use Context to Acquire Business Intelligence
  10. Periodically Update Your CRM with Data from LinkedIn

8 Ways to Track YouTube Video Performance

This article gives you the know-how to more effectively get your videos discovered, watched, and shared!

  1. Follow the Number of Views Over Time
  2. Check Ratings to See What Resonates with Your Audience
  3. Research Significant Discovery Events
  4. Analyze Your Audience Demographics
  5. Monitor Viewer Drop-Off
  6. Track Traffic Sources
  7. Take Note of Sharing Statistics
  8. Encourage Subscriber Engagement

Facebook Finally Lets Page Admins Schedule Posts, Have Different Roles

These are things YOU should know if you or your business has a Facebook page!