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SEO and SMM Alerts- 5/18/12 Edition

Happy Friday!

Although we have 20 clients in our office to shoot a TV show with John Spencer Ellis today, I made sure to take some time to get out this alert! It feels good to be missed when life takes over and I don’t get it out!

I also wanted to share a story with you about customer service, a wonderful reminder for ALL business owners, myself included, and something that although Disney has always done so well… other businesses unfortunately do not.

I recently purchased a pair of shoes… and while I do that often, I know, these shoes have a certain colored sole that I finally decided to purchase for myself. (Ok, so to be completely truthful… I bought two pairs J one pair for my upcoming wedding, and one pair because well, I couldn’t resist!) Admittedly they are stupidly expensive, but I decided to treat myself, something I rarely do, and purchase the expensive, yet most comfortable, pair of shoes I have ever owned. My future hubby is thoroughly excited; as I have already assured him that I want them in black!

But I digress…

So after wearing the pair only TWICE I noticed that they looked EXTREMELY worn and I knew that this just couldn’t be for this type of shoe. So, I took them back to the department store where I bought them and explained my problem.

Here is a summary of the events that followed…. Salesperson A. basically told me I was SOL. Clearly that didn’t go over with me and I told her that I was leaving the pair of shoes with her and to have her manager call me when she got in. The manager did finally solve the problem… 4 days later AND after much negotiation.

Although I will spare you the full battle, I was quickly reminded by my own frustration that I am not impressed with how nice the salesperson is when trying to sell me something, especially an expensive "something." You’re trying to sell me something- of course you should be nice! BUT what really makes a company stand out to me is when the inevitable happens and something goes wrong how you deal with it. And things WILL go wrong, no matter what the business is. How do you resolve the problem? THAT is when you will make a lifetime client.
I will tell you that this particular department store (although after serious negotiation on my part) finally did provide a solution to the problem… they by no means have me as a lifetime customer from the pure fact of how I was treated when something went wrong. I will purchase my black pair from somewhere else, I assure you.

Enjoy this week’s alerts!


Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts- 5/18/12 Edition


I have been asked A LOT about great plugins I find, so I thought I would start giving out 1 a week… or when I find them J So here is your first!

WordPress Plugin of the Week:

Name: Recent Tweets

Display up to 20 of your most recent tweets easily in your sidebar as a widget. Options for following you and others included. Just put in your twitter information and drop the widget wherever you like on your page.


And here are your regular alerts…

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