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SEO and SMM Alerts 3/27/15 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts 3/27/15 Edition

Hashtags: When Too Many Hurts Too Much

Hashtags are powerful, and most of the time they’re not used correctly. Read here for some tips to help get you doing in the right direction.

Don’t Mistake Activity for Effectiveness in Social Media

It seems like social media has gotten a lot less social these days. Read here to see how important is to make connections with your followers!

How to Use Visual Content to Drive More Traffic

Images can do a lot for you if used correctly. Look at these examples to see how businesses used visual content to drive more traffic.

It May Have a Billion Users, But YouTube Isn’t a Sure Thing Just Yet

YouTube was meant to dominate the online video world, but they have some strong competitors trying to steal their spotlight.

7 Neglected Ways to Promote Your Content on Social Media

There are plenty of ways to share you content across your social media profiles, but here are seven ways that are often forgotten about.