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SEO and SMM Alerts 3/20/15 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts 3/20/15 Edition

How to Craft Headlines That Draw People to Your Content

Is your content not getting enough attention? Your headlines could be to blame for it! Read here for tips on how to spruce them up.

Does Your Business Need a Personality to Succeed Online?

Does your business need a personality? How will you stand out from the competition? Look here to see how big brands build their brand personality to be more original.

The Single Best Way to Protect Your Company From a Social Media Crisis

When you have an unhappy customer make sure you know how to handle it properly! Read here to learn the best way to build consumer trust via social media!

8 Winning Habits of Social Media’s Top Brands

Take a few pointers from the pros! Here are the best social media habits that the top brands are doing!

Would You Trust Facebook With Your Bank Account?

Facebook in the works on allowing users to be able to send payments to one another, but will it ever be used? Will anyone trust Facebook with their bank account?