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SEO and SMM Alerts – 2/28/14

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 2/28/14 Edition

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Endorsements

Are people endorsing you for the wrong skills on LinkedIn?  Do you want to know how to fix that?  Check out this article to ensure your endorsements are working in your favor!

5 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Reach

Are you struggling to grow your Twitter following?  Do you want more people to see your updates?  Be sure to read this article to make your Twitter explode!

How To Get Customers To Post Instagram Photos

Do you want to use Instagram to add value to your brand?  Are you looking for innovative ways to get your customers (and employees) to post Instagram pictures?  Check this out!

Facebook News Feed Update Gives Brands More Reach

Now, a new change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm means brands will have greater reach than ever! Learn more!

Pinterest Traffic: 3 Fast Tricks You Can Use Today

While it’s true that Pinterest won’t send you masses of traffic when your account is new, the traffic you do get pays off. It’s engaged, and responsive – find out more!

5 Options to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging isn’t only a great way to get your thoughts, opinions, or expertise out to the world, but can also be a way to pay the bills – find out how!

6 Steps To Compiling an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

Looking to take your marketing online?  The Moz Blog gives 6 tips to take this plan into action!