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SEO and SMM Alerts 2/27/15 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts 2/27/15 Edition

Change is Good: A Social Media Stratgey

Sometimes to get better results you have to be willing to change your strategy. Here are some things to implement into your social media to improve results!

Google Analytics: How To Define Goal Conversions

Are you getting the most out of Google Analytics? To do so you need to have a strong understanding of goal conversions.

How Brands Can Leverage Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising in 2015

To maximize your social media marketing, you must first find and fix the issues you’re having, and then follow these steps!

Four Ways to Increase Social Shares for Your Website Content

Is your website content shareable? Read here for a few simple tips to help boost the appeal of your website content and optimize your posts for easy sharing on social media!

You Can’t Spell Twitter Without Wit: How to Write a Tweet to Engage Your Audience

Research shows that knowing your audience, using images, and taking some risks can help increase your engagement on twitter. Look at this template on how to write a tweet to boost your TER!