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SEO and SMM Alerts – 1/31/14 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 1/31/14 Edition

Visual Social Media: How Images Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Do you use visuals in your social media marketing? If not, you should!  A picture says a 1000 words – find out why!

3 Google+ Tools That Take Your Marketing To A New Level

Do you need to focus more on building up your Google+?  Check out this article for 3 tools that will boost your presence!

Relationship Marketing: How to Build Meaningful Connections that Lead to Business

The beauty of social media is that you are constantly building and maintaining relationships with your followers, who can turn into leads for you!  Find out how!

Instagram Marketers Ripe for Marketers Shows New Research

A new research study shows that people are becoming more diverse with their use of social media, with Instagram growing in popularity! Find out more!

Pinterest Makes It Easier To Find Pins With Introduction of ‘Pinterest Interests’

Check out this article from Search Engine Journal to see how the new update from Pinterest can help you find those perfect pins!

Make Facebook’s Algorithm Change Work For You, Not Against You

Recently, you may notice that your total reach, especially organic reach, has significantly dropped.  Find out from The Moz Blog how you can make this seemingly negative change work in your favor!

SEO Tips for Your Online Copywriting: Tricks of the Trade

With so many search engine changes happening, how can you make sure your content is being found?  Check out this article from Social Media Today to learn some tips and tricks!