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SEO and SMM Alerts – 1/17/14 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 1/17/14 Edition

How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis

Do you know what tactics to use to defend your reputation online? Read this article from Social Media Examiner to find out!

Four Steps to Achieving Your Social Media Goals

Are you wondering how you can achieve your social media goals this year? Check this article out for four fantastic ways to reach your goals for 2014!

6 Facebook Marketing Tips for Managing Your Facebook Page

Wondering what works and what doesn’t for your Facebook page? Or are you overwhelmed with all of the Facebook tactics you read about? Don’t be! Check out this article for some tips to help you out!

SEO Beginner’s Guide: 5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Google

Check out this great article from Search Engine Journal that explains the top five things you should know about the search engine powerhouse, Google!

30 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Instagram!

Over the past three years, Instagram has exploded into becoming one of the top social media services, as well as one of the top websites! Find out the 30 things you need to know about Instagram!

6 Tips For A Stronger Mobile Presence on Search Engines

Since everyone is on their mobile devices almost all of the time – make sure you’re efforts include mobile marketing, too! See more here!

Facebook Launches Trending Topics

Twitter has been notorious for displaying the trending topics of the day to help users see where the conversation is at – now Facebook has once again jumped on the bandwagon! Read more here!

5 Social Media Benefits of Blogging

Getting results from social media can mean more traffic for your website, a bigger fanbase, more sales for products, or more awareness for your brand. Find out how blogging and social media go hand in hand!