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SEO and SMM Alerts – 10/3/14 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 9/26/14 Edition


Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times per year! That means what worked last month or last year may not work today.  And this is why is so important to stay current on new trends.

What You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn Every Month, Week, and Day

You know you need a LinkedIn account, but what happens next?

The battle of search advertising vs. social media marketing


While paid social media and search advertising methods are taking up a lot of attention in tech journalism, email marketing is still one of the highest performing channels for customer engagement, and content marketing drives a considerable amount of short- and long-term traffic to websites and product pages.

Hootsuite reveals paid social media marketing and e-commerce plans

Over the coming year, Hootsuite will start to allow users to schedule and manage paid social media marketing across their channels. This will provide a social complement to AdWords.

How Photos Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Study after study shows that people strongly connect with images.  Using them to enhance your social media endeavors will help your overall results.

Read more at http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/37418.asp#C6PXCWmEqM6cKh61.99