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SEO and SMM Alerts – 10/25/13 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 10/25/13 Edition

How To Get Employees To Embrace Social Media

Do you want to get more people inside your organization to support your social media activities?  Find out how in Social Media Examiner’s recent article!

The Forgotten Social Media Metric: YOU

With all the analytics and insights out there on social media, it’s sometimes easy to forget one metric of measurement – YOU!  Find out why in a recent article from Social Media Today!

Hummingbird Unleashed

The recent evolution of SEO into Hummingbird has been taking the internet by storm.  Find out more information on Hummingbird here!

Link Building: A Strategy For Content Marketing

Link building is been an SEO practice for years, but there are multiple ways to use link building effectively.  Find out more here!

Social Media Goals for Small Businesses: Are You Chasing The Wrong Rabbit?

Having a social media plan is great for ANY business, but let’s be honest – small businesses and large corporations such as Apple are on two different playing fields.  Learn how to leverage your small business in the most effective way possible by setting realistic goals for your social media!

5 Simple Steps To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

When you are on Twitter do you sometimes feel like you are chirping with no one listening? Find out here how to increase your engagement!

How To Use Twitter Hashtags To Get Noticed

Oh, how we love hashtags!  The nifty little indexing tools that help get your content to those who are searching for it!  Read more here to find out how to be effective with your hashtags!

5 Easy Ways to Expand Your Clientele Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very unique platform where you can be social and professional, all at once.  It’s also a great resource to build your clientele!  Find out how!

YouTube Optimization Tips – InVideo Programming

YouTube videos are the perfect way to show your clients what you do!  Check this article out for some video optimization tips!