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SEO and SMM Alerts – 10/17/14 Edition

Lindsay’s FAV SEO and SMM Alerts – 10/17/14 Edition

How to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Visibility

Are your Facebook posts getting lost between the other thousand posts on your news feed!? If you want them seen follow these few tactics to help increase your Facebook news feed visibility.

Don’t Take the Content Creation Journey Alone

As a social media content manager coming up with catchy material every day of the year can sometimes be a difficult task. Here is why using user-generated content can help! Although undervalued, UGS stats prove it be a very valuable tool.

Is Your Business Ready to Go Mobile?

Is your business mobile friendly? Many business owners ask this question, but don’t take the time to consider if a mobile app is the right route to go for their business. Here are a few things to look over before making the leap into the mobile world.

3 Reasons Native Advertising Could Replace Guest Blogging by 2016

The Google Oracle has declared guest blogging dead, so could 2014 be the year native advertising takes over? Take a closer look at the comparison of the two, and see why native advertising is the new hype in the content marketing world.

Inside Pinterest: The Coming Ad Colossus That Could Dwarf Twitter And Facebook

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is not selling the past or present it is selling the future! This is where all marketers want to live and why many believe Pinterest will be bigger than any social media platform once the coming ad colossus hits!

4 Ways To Champion LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

With content strategy being the most important element to online marketing, check out how your business can reap the benefits of LinkedIn’s publishing platform.